Location Intelligence


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Location Intelligence

Instant, trustworthy and actionable desktop survey of any location worldwide.

Suitable for projects of any size. Includes climate, geological, administrative data and satellite images.

Your Location Intelligence Contains:

  • Geo-administrative overview
  • Elevation maps
  • Multi-decade climate data
  • Sea State
  • Satellite images
  • Major seismic fault lines
  • Vessel density
  • Protected areas / Restricted areas
  • Critical Habitats
  • Covers land, marine & shore locations

Delivered as a print-ready PDF to your account after purchase.

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All data is processed, visualised and delivered in real-life usable format. Each report is created specifically for the requested location, anywhere in the world. The data in the report facilitates preliminary planning, such as land surveying, pre construction, or estimation of the amounts of energy that can be generated from renewable resources in the area. No site visit, complex data submission or software installation, just a simple one-off payment to own it forever.

Customize Your Location Intelligence Report

atSEA Homepage

Customize Your Location Intelligence Report

atSEA Homepage


Non-Commercial Use Only
  • Location Overview
  • Elevation Maps
  • Climate Data
  • Sea State
  • Satellite Images
  • Seismic Fault Lines

Delivered as Paginated PDF
One-Time Payment


Internal Use or Single Customer Resale

All features of Private, plus

Vessel Density
(AIS equipped vessels)

Protected Areas
(US & European countries only)

Assets package
(zip with .csv and .png files for internal use)

One-Time Payment


Single Domain Online Publication

All features of
Commercial License

Online usage of assets
(single domain)

Can be used and shared between multiple users through single web-domain

3-year license
*can be extended

Exhibitions & Events

The atSEA platform was lunched in March, 2023. We supported the launch by participating in the exhibitions at Futurebuild in London and BVV in Brno. We at Analytics Pika are celebrating the interest of people to our atSEA platform – affordable, actionable and accessible location intelligence reports.

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