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Meet the core @SEA team from  Analytics Pika Oy, expert data science company from Finland. 

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atSEA Team
atSEA Team
atSEA Team

Dr. Ilona Söchting

CEO Analytics-Pika Oy

Marda Araya

Back-End Data Engineer

Denis Tambovtsev

User Experience Specialist

Seasoned Data Science leader with proven professional record  in both, scientific and industrial domains. Expert in IoT data, skilled in machine learning, project management, and solution architecture. Experienced in leading data innovation projects.

Highly skilled product development professional in charge of software and back end development. Proven experience in data analysis, dashboard and web application development and database management.  

Dynamic User Experience specialist with passion for creating innovative technology solutions. Adept at bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, effectively communicating complex ideas and solutions. Also highly skilled in data engineering.